Psychotherapy is a way of working with lived experiences in which two or more human beings enter into a healing relationship...  as a professional therapist, I believe that the very nature of human-to-human/person-to-person/being-to-being relating - the visceral experience of connection - is an essential key to the healing work being done.  

Contemplative practices might be described as being dedicated to prolonged thought... my particular orientation, as a contemplative, is to notice... to hold space for thoughts and feelings to interact in an environment of open compassion and curiosity.  

Contemplative Psychotherapy could be described as holding space for therapeutic processes to unfold in which Basic Health and Sanity may be recognized and experienced... it might also be described as a therapeutic modality featuring mindfulness practices and compassion... my intent, as a contemplative therapist, is to meet clients (luminous human beings) in an authentic healing be a mirror and reflect Brilliant Sanity... to validate their experiences while challenging the stories being told... to support the relief of suffering.