The BurdsNest

The BurdsNest is Closed. poop yellow is a perfect color for this... it's a bit stinky but just part of the process of being alive and flowing forward with living.  This message is not an end... perhaps it is a place holder.

Be well.  Change is the only constant. ...and pain is just real.

...and lol you have all the feelings all the is sometimes (often) louder.


unrepentantly apply comic sans!

Being a Being isn't easy...

You deserve existential support.

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...something(s) else...

Services Offered:

Contemplative Psychotherapy

  • "Contemplative psychotherapy is a branch of therapy integrating Buddhist psychology and practice with the clinical traditions of modern Western psychology; it is rooted in the belief that all people are granted the internal wisdom necessary to heal from pain." - ("Good Enough!" - Alan)

Mental Health Consultation

  • If you are not sure whether or not you would benefit from therapy or even what kind of support you ARE looking for...we can explore that, together.

  • You can share what is going on in your life, what challenges you face, or what changes you want to make.  Together we can explore ways of meeting your needs.

  • Consultations are $25 for a 45 minute session and there is no limit on the number of consultations a person may use.

Pastoral Counseling

  • Integrating mind, body, and spirit for a fuller experience of life

Compassionate Pressence

  • Sometimes our main need is to be seen... to be validated... to be met with acceptance.