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The BurdsNest office has closed and all contact is currently through tele-health sessions.  Call 970-218-3381or email to arrange a consultation .

Being a Being isn't easy...

You deserve existential support.

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Services Offered:

Contemplative Psychotherapy

  • "Contemplative psychotherapy is a branch of therapy integrating Buddhist psychology and practice with the clinical traditions of modern Western psychology; it is rooted in the belief that all people are granted the internal wisdom necessary to heal from pain." - ("Good Enough!" - Alan)

Mental Health Consultation

  • If you are not sure whether or not you would benefit from therapy or even what kind of support you ARE looking for...we can explore that, together.

  • You can share what is going on in your life, what challenges you face, or what changes you want to make.  Together we can explore ways of meeting your needs.

  • Consultations are $25 for a 45 minute session and there is no limit on the number of consultations a person may use.

Pastoral Counseling

  • Integrating mind, body, and spirit for a fuller experience of life

(970) 218 - 3381

Compassionate Pressence

  • Sometimes our main need is to be seen... to be validated... to be met with acceptance.